The 5 Best New York Bakery

New York Bakery

In this article, we are going to introduce the best bread shops in New York to you, The best places across New York City make an array of great bread.

You can find all kinds of bread in these stores , new york bakery bagels , gluten-free bakery Brooklyn , new york banana pudding , veniero’s cakes , times square cake shop , new york bakery cafe …

new york bakery co AND best bakeries in manhattan

Best Bakeries in New York City , Mille Feuille · Supermoon Bakehouse · Orwashers · Maman · Breads Bakery


A neighborhood bakery since 1995 baking BIG beloved cookies 🍪
Also making breads, pastries, new friends, and TikToks
Oh and btw… it’s “luh-ven” 😌

With seven locations spanning all of Manhattan and Brooklyn, Levain is a NYC staple. They have pretty much any sweet you could possibly crave

2.Modern Bread and Bagel

This Upper West Side gem offers fresh breads such as challah and focaccia, bagels, check out Modern Bread and Bagel, specializing in breads, pastries and other snacks

🥖Artisan Gluten-Free Breads, Bagels & Brunch
📍NYC (14th st & UWS) and LA
🍝 Dinner Modern @ Night

3. Supermoon Bakehouse

This place is world renown for the “cruffin,” their original creation that combines a croissant and a muffin

💈 STORE HOURS – Thurs to Sun- 10am-6pm.
📍120 Rivington St, NYC
Pre-Order Care Packs every Monday at 6pm and all other things by clicking link below

4.Magnolia Bakery

New York City staple that every New Yorker knows. They serve the most delicious confections from cupcakes to cookies

Proudly passionate sugar people sharing the magic of Magnolia Bakery around the world & straight to your door.

5.Ring Ding Bar

With flavors like ginger spice, pistachio raspberry, matcha and dulce de leche, there’s no such thing as a bad order. Ring Ding Bar bakes their contemporary take on the classic 1950s hand-held dessert daily

The Original Artisanal 💍🛎
A 50s favorite, made for today 🍰✨
Ring Dings is a registered trademark of McKee Foods Kingman used by permission


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